Uncle Buddy's Origin Story

Who is this Uncle Buddy anyway?

Back in the 90’s, young Tommy had only two nieces. Silly girls who loved their uncle and their lunch dates, trips to the mall and time spent hanging out, Tommy was a role model extraordinaire. With his long flowing locks, groovy bass guitar skills and wicked sense of humor, he was just about the best babysitter 2 young girls could have! MTV, a staple in television entertainment back then, was popular with this trio. “Totally Pauly” and Pauly Shore brought the catchphrase “hey buuuuddddy”. Naturally this became how the three would address each other and by the time niece number three arrived, Uncle Buddy’s new moniker had stuck. Like many good nicknames, this one spread; mother, father, sister, aunts and uncles now call grown Tom “Uncle Buddy”. Uncle Buddy’s Toy Stash hopes to be the place that all the cool aunts and uncles (or other gift givers) can come to find the most special gifts for little folks in their lives. We have variety in many areas but our 3 core focuses are retro toys, super cool gadgets and games for all ages. Aunt Heather (boring name, right??) came along and insists on adding a sprinkle of educational toys and can’t stop bringing in the cutest stuffies she can find! Whatever you’re hunting for, we hope you’ll find it here! Got suggestions? Please let us know!